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smile selfies captions and status for instagram whatsapp

smile selfies captions and status for instagram whatsapp

#Enjoy Selfie Whatsapp Status and Captions~whatsapp these above given are the Best Captions for Selfies and Photos. Don’t Forget to check out Best Whatsapp Status,New instagram Latest Whatsapp Status facebook and Cool Whatsapp Status Collection.

~सीख जाओ वक्त पर किसी की कदर करना,शायद सैल्फी इस बात का प्रमाण है के हम ज़िंदगी में कितने अकेले है~~
~जिसका कोई नही होता ,उसकी सेल्फ़ी होती है~~~
~मेरी कब्र के पास WI-FI ज़रूर लगाना क्योंकि मेरे दोस्त इत्ते कमीने हैं कि फ्री wi-fi इस्तेमाल करने के लिए मेरे पास ज़रूर आएंगे~~~
~सेल्फ़ी निकालना तो सेकण्ड का काम है ,वक़्त तो इमेज बनाने में लगता है~~~
~तुम क्या सोचती हो, छोड़ दोगी तो मर जाऊंगा~~~
~तेरी याद बिलकुल मेरे परफ्यूम की तरह है, जब भी आती है,ज़िन्दगी महक जाती है~~~
~अबे लेले सेल्फी मेरी याद रखेगा~~~
~पगली ज्यादा सेल्फी मत खीच गिर जाएगी~~~
~आंसुओ के दाम तू चुका नहीं पायेगा जो मोहोब्बत न ले सका वो दर्द क्या खरीदेगा~~~~
~I am born to stand out….
~Remember Inner beauty should be the most Important part of improving one’s self.
~I Am Who I Am, I don’t Your Approval. Get Lost From my Life.
~Best. Selfie. Ever.
~Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.
~I Graduated from the University of Selfies!
~I’ll just stay here forever.
~I don’t know what I did to have a best friend like you.
~Know yourself, know your worth.
~Cool Selfie Captions for Pics and Images~
smile selfies captions and status for instagram whatsapp
~Smile, it Confuses People!1
~Be yourself, there’s no one better.
~When nothing goes right, go left instead.
~Morning time is Selfie Time #GoodMorning #SelfieSunday
~Be yourself, there’s no one better.
~Taking all these selfies, but yet you can never find the perfect one..
~My time is started now.
~Cool Whatsapp Selfie Status~

~You have every right to a beautiful life.
~Life is better when you’re laughing.
~It’s so beautiful when a girl smiles.
~It’s so beautiful when a boy smiles.
~Whatsapp Selfie Status~

~Cool Selfie Quotes Status and Captions for Profile Photos

~Beauty is power; a smile is it’s sword.
~Being silly with the girls.
~It’s a Selfie Sunday.
~This is why we can’t have nice things.
~A Selfie a day keeps the friends away.
~I’m the Perfect girl you’ve always wanted.
~OMG, look at my selfie. It’s So HOT.
~Silly girls are the best.
~Smile, Life is Beautiful!
~Smile Selfie Caption and Status for Instagram~

~Smile, it Confuses People!
~ARNING: You may fall in love with my face.
~Will you be my date?
~Will you be my BF?
~Will you be my GF?
~Beauty is power; a smile is it’s sword.
~Give me some space.
~I can be your hero.
~I can be your heroin.
~Cute Caption for Instagram Selfie~

~The sun will shine One day.
~Life is not perfect, but my Look is!
~Lighting is just the flash of gods camera when he’s taking selfies.
~Please keep my selfie today. In future, you should have to pay for one.
~Don’t copy my style.
~So you’re a model? Who’s your agency, Instagram or FB?
~Fresh out of the shower, no make you.
~Lives change, remember you can wait for tomorrow to start new.
~Whatsapp Selfie Status~

#Best Selfie Caption for Photos#

#I just got 100 likes, #SelfieKING###
#I just got 100 likes, #SelfieQUEEN##
#You’re a shooting star I see/A vision of ecstasy##
#I’m wondering why it keep thundering###
#I don’t care I’m in love.
#Life was meant for Best Friends and Good Adventures##
#Taking Selfies should be declared As a Best Time pass.
#Send your selfies to NASA because you’re a Born star##
#Close your eyes and I’ll kiss yo##

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