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Sad Whatsapp Status Heart Touching Sad Quotes New

Sad Whatsapp Status Heart Touching Sad Quotes New

Sad Whatsapp Status Heart Touching Sad Quotes New
1) We came together and yet the distance between us is still far.

2)~Our love story remained incomplete since you broke my love~~~

3) The love is like a plane~~ which is crashed already without reaching its destination.

4) ~I had everything when you were beside me so now I’ve lost everything because nothing left in me.

5) The time has changed a lot ~~~but your sad trust stayed the same.

6) You wrote my life and left it in between.

7) I collided with your heart but mine is broken and yours is yet the same.

8) Look how far I have come since you threw my heart away.

9) Now pain has become more dangerous than a world dreadful acid.

10) I’ll be waiting for the death.

11) One everything will remain the same but I won’t be here anymore.

12) Even the God himself can’t believe how bad this world had become.

13) I can’t breath anymore because you have destroyed the oxygen from this world.

14) Everything always take time !! Don’t know why. May be the life has changed a lot.

15) Can’t believe how those memories have now become heart touching stories.

16) Forget those moments and make your tears dry so it won’t make you cry.

17) If you have lost somebody then yo won’t see that man again anymore~~~

18) People might forget you but The God is always available for you FOREVER.

19) If you are beautiful then don’t think that everyone else is bad.

20) ~~Tears shows that a bottle has no value without water~~~Check out~~~Best Status Ever

21) Make this world remember you and you make everyone remember of this world.

22) True feelings can only be shared with tears not with voice.

23) A sad truth doesn’t hurt as long as a lies hurts.

24) No point of crying because that person won’t be back here with you anymore. Sad Whatsapp Status I Heart Touching Sad Quotes

Sad Status For Whatsapp
25) Time after time, we think that we might meet but we don’t~~

26) The sadness in the eyes thirst of tears.

27) Tell me, why have you changed and why you did this to me !!

28) Forget the ones who have forgotten you so move on for another ones.

29) ~The god has made 2 people to meet each other forever.

30) I left the world for you but still you went with some else.

31) My silence is always a voice which only you can understand it.

32) When you make someone then why do make them cry~~~

33) I couldn’t find the ways to get out of this situation.

34) I gave up because of you and I failed it only because of you.

35) Please forget all the complaints and hurts!!

36) I’ve always listened to you but still couldn’t make it worth.

37) I have always failed to find the right person on right time.

38) It is hard to think that someone has gave up all his life just loving you.

39) Sometimes a scream can break all the SILENCE.

40) Should I remember this punishment for life ?

41) I think, I missed the wrong person for ages.

42) Simple thoughts makes a lot of difference in your life.

43) ~ why I am still alive after doing bad things.

45) Should I die or stay alive for a little while~~~Check out~~~ove Whatsapp Status

46) ~A tree has given me shade but I couldn’t do anything for a poor tree.

47) ~I shouldn’t have done this !!

48) When will my dream become true ?So I can live like a rich person.

49) You have forgotten me but I didn’t forget your memories. Sad Whatsapp Status I Heart Touching Sad Quotes

Sad Whatsapp status collection
50) My soul has cried and hugging the loneliness:(

51) I am missing that smile when you were close to me.

52) Those sad status when you used to post every day on Whatsapp.

53) You should have stayed with me forever so I could love you.

54) In my every breath, only your name repeats every time.

55) All the charms of my heart are dead without you.

56) It has become more and more impossible to hide this pain.

57) Never say Goodbye when you are close to me.

58) I don’t know why these moments have scattered from incomplete relationship.

59) I will not say bye even after dying.

60) ~~~When the tears drops it reminds me of your hand cleaning it off~~~

61) ~Come and join yourself to me~~~
62) Leave yourself in me someplace.

63) ~~~The glass wall sometimes make me break it. ~~Check out~~~Funny Whatsapp Status

64) Please turn these sad feelings into peace.

65) I want you to be happy but never make that happiness turn into sadness.

66) I act like I don’t care about people but they don’t search deeper into me.

67) Leaving you makes me leave the world.

68) The fake happiness always equals to worst sadness.

69) What is point of shouting if no one listening what you trying to saying!! Sad Whatsapp Status

70) Some smiles make others laugh but some takes the heart out of the body.

71) The hardest thing in the world love which not everyone gets because they don’t treat love like Love.

72) Never cry and make that moment to be memorable for the rest of your life.

73) One day will be yours and you must take advantage out of that day otherwise you won’t get another one again.

74) Lose those tears which stops your smile 🙁Sad Whatsapp Status I Heart Touching Sad Quotes

75) I smile all the time so no one notice what is going in my life 🙁

76) My heart is nearly broken and it can’t attract with anyone anymore.

77) I wish people could love some once, so they don’t break anyone heart twice!!

78) This ~Whatsapp Status is not for reading, it is all about getting the meaning out of it~~~

79) Sometime I don’t sleep for days so I don’t forget those moments not for a while.

80) Don’t worry and take risks so it won’t make you feel looser. Feeling Sad Whatsapp Status Quotes

81) Even the darkest night turns into delightful one time.

82) Million people call a women Beautiful but only a lover can make her look awesome.

83) My pain is an another word giving up!!

84) Life is a serious danger, only few can survive out of this danger.

100) That sad time when everyone is laughing and you are the only one crying at that time.

85) That moment when you ignored me with no reason !

Sad Whatsapp Status in English
86) You hit me hard and I fell far away from you so couldn’t find you yet!!

87) Everyone seems selfish except The God who forgive everybody!!

88) It is okay to be sad for some time.

89)A real cheaters make you realize how bad people have become over days~~~

90) This is not a sad status, it is here to show I have no one to share my feelings with !!

91) I ~had dream before you and now I only have a true lover to cover my dreams.

92) One day I will disappear and no one will miss me eve for a moment.

93) Relationship never dies, only those bad people make it look that it is no more!!

~~~Never cry for that person who don’t know the meaning of your tear~~~

~~~Sometime, having money make it seem scary and sometime it make you sad forever.

~~Thinking too much make you sad and make other laugh at you !!

~~~If you think I am changed then that is your misunderstanding because you made me change a lot:(

~~~I miss that old me and those happiness so now everything has changed overtime.

!!!True love doesn’t has ending because it lasts forever!!!

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