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funny jokes sms messages text status whatsapp instagram

funny jokes sms messages text status whatsapp instagram

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Teacher: Childrens Exams Are Nearing,if U Have Any Doubt U Can Ask Me..
Boys: In Wich Printing Press The Question Paper Are Printed?

Where Do You Find Mangoes? Mango Tree? Fruit Shop?

**** No ****

Where Ever Woman Goes, Peeche-peeche Man-goes!


Height Of Status: Lady Goes To A Fruit Shop. Shopkeeper: Your Dog Is Eating My Fruits.
Lady:dolly! Don’t Eat The Fruits Without Washing Them.


5 Years Are Required To Make A Human A Doctor..
And Then Whole Life Is Required To Make Him Human Again:dd
funny jokes sms messages text status whatsapp instagram
Congrats.your Phone Has Been Installed With A New Puzzle Game. To Play,throw Your Phone Against The Wall.then Assemble The Pieces….

Before Marriage:roses Are Red,sky Is Blue,o My Darling!i Love U.after Marriage:roses Are Dead,
I Have Flu,don`t Come Near Me,paray Hatt Tuu.


When An Apple Is Green, It’s Ready To Pluck, When A Girl Is Sixteen She’s Ready To ..woops…wrong Number….

Newton Aur Einstein K Dohe :
Baithe Baithe Kya Kare,
Karna Hai K
Bachho Ki G***… :-d

Sir: Wo Teen Words Batao Jo Subse Jyada Bole Jate Hain ?

Student: Mujhe Nahi Pata….
Sir: Shaabash Beta, Baith Jao..!


Q : Why Did The Blonde Have Tire Tread Marks On Her Back?
A : From Crawling Across The Street When The Sign Said Don’t Walk

Taliban Taliban Yes Papa

Explosive Your Bomb No Papa

Telling Lie No Papa

Open Your Jacket

Thaaaa Thaaaaa Thaaaa……..:)…

Once A Boy Asked God, Is It Wrong To Sleep With Girl Before Marriage………..??
God Replied, No It Is Not, But The Problem Is That You Guys Don’t Sleep…

~~Message Of Great Comparison~~~
Whats Common Between Politicians And Sperms??..

Only One In A Million Do Their Job!!

~~Try To Understand And Don’t Disturb Me More
Last Night I Didn’t Sleep Thinking Of U.
So Don’t Play With My Life.
Sardar Was Saying To Mosquito…

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