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Awkward Moment Status Short Quotes Facebook Whatsapp Instagram

#Share this Stylish Awkward Moment Status in Hindi on Facebook and Whatsapp. Keep Visit and enjoy New Awkward Moment Status Collection-New Awkward Moment Status 2018,now girl dosti Latest Awkward Moment Status, New Awkward Moment Quotes 2018, Best Awkward Moment Quotes.

~That awkward moment when you are single and all of your friends are in a relationship. 😛

~That awkward moment when someone deletes their comment on Facebook and you look like you are talking to yourself~~~

~That awkward moment when you don’t know if you should hug someone or not.

~That awkward moment when you wave to someone and it turns out they were waving to the person behind you. 😛

~That awkward moment when you accidentally call your boss ‘Honey’.

~That awkward moment when you want to buy something, check the price and sadly, leave it there.

~That awkward moment when you are late for class, and when you walk in, everyone stares at you like you killed someone.
Awkward Moment Status Short Quotes Facebook Whatsapp Instagram
~That awkward moment when a teacher catches you texting.

~That awkward moment when you wave to someone… but they don’t wave back! 😛

~That awkward moment when you say ‘Hey’ to someone on Facebook chat, and seconds later they sign out.. 😛

~The awkward moment when you’re eating dinner at someone else’s house and you don’t like the food, but you have to pretend to like it.

~That awkward moment when your mom compares you to another kid and yet she has NO idea how much worse they are than you.

~That awkward moment when you’re checking yourself out in the window of a car and then realize there is someone inside.

~That awkward moment when you see one of your old best friends, but they hate you now.

~That awkward moment when the internet isn’t working ~and you genuinely don’t know what to do with your life.

~That awkward moment when you accidentally type your password into your user name box~~

~That awkward moment when someone posts a status saying to like it, and nobody likes it. 😛

~That awkward moment when you’re caught naked grabbing a towel, thinking nobody was home. 😀

~That awkward moment when someone ~says hello and you answer good you??

~That awkward moment when you say the wrong answer aloud in class… Confidently. 😛

~That Awkward Moment when a package says ‘Easy open’ and you end up using scissors, knife, hammer, gun and a light saber trying to ~open it.

~That awkward moment when you call your teacher mom… 😛

~That awkward moment in class when your teacher asks you a question and everyone’s watching you and you have no clue what the answer is.

Its awkward moment when you post a funny status on Facebook and someone has to ruin it by commenting being all serious!

~That awkward moment when you fart really loud and look around all obvious to see if anybody is looking.

~That Awkward Moment – When everyone is laughing and you’re like ‘What just happened?’

~The awkward moment when someone starts a sentence with the awkward moment when its not even awkward.

~The awkward moment when someone tells you how much they hate someone, and then the next day they’re best friends.

~That awkward moment when you post an awkward ~moment~ status on Facebook and spell awkward wrong. 😛

~Its awkward moment when you actually left your homework home.

~That awkward moment when you’re yelling at someone and you mess up a word~

~Its awkward moment when you are ignoring a c~all and accidentally answer it~

~Its awkward moment when you say ‘Goodbye!’ to someone but you both walk off in the same direction.

~Its awkward moment when you tell your crush a joke and he doesn’t get it.

~Its awkward when someone is wearing a skin colored shirt and you think they’re naked.

~That awkward moment when you say ‘I Love You’ on t~he phone and the person says WHAT?? ………. COME AGAIN…!!

~That awkward moment when you remember something funny in your head and laugh to yourself then see everybody looking at you like you’re crazy.

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